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This week, bitcoin discussions dominate the World Economic Forum, signaling the growing influence of digital currencies. JPMorgan says BTC is under-valued, and replaces real estate with crypto as preferred investment. We also explore why a decentralized social media platform pushed AAVE up by 28%, and how you can earn free crypto from airdrops. 

Market Overview

BTC remains stuck in a range between 28,700 and 30,700. In fact, the chart looks almost the same as last week, and analyzing it would be a repeat of the previous review. So, we’ll zoom out the price chart for a top-level overview. Historically, the blue line above (200-period moving average) has served as support for bear market bottoms, providing investors with a strong and reliable bullish signal.
As seen above, the December 2018 price crash bounced from the line and afterward, BTC pumped 320% to a high of $13K. Nearly two years later, it happened again. Bitcoin saw its prices dip to the SMA line and immediately bounced back, rallying to the all-time high (ATH) of 68K. A further two years down the line, and we may be seeing the same movement again. If it holds, we could see Bitcoin dip to about $22k before it pumps to another ATH – hopefully..   However, the Bitcoin market has grown bigger and stronger since 2020, and many experts doubt that institutional investors will let BTC drop to as low as $22K. In fact, JPMorgan reported some days ago that Bitcoin is currently undervalued, and its fair value should be closer to $38K. As things stand, millions of investors around the world are waiting for BTC to make its next move. And the belief is that we’ll see some action as we approach the end of Q2 2022. To stay informed of happenings around Bitcoin and crypto, – join the Moon Birdie Telegram Channel, where we provide regular updates and analysis.

Aave launches social media network – pumps by 28%

Some weeks ago, Aave announced the launch of a decentralized social media network called Lens Protocol. People are interested in this concept, as it allows censorship-free content creation. Subsequently, the AAVE token has seen sustained upside this week. Keep an eye on this project; if it actually pulls off a decentralized social media, its value will rise even more than it did this week. .

Fantom token price rises on developer news

This week, Fantom saw its token FTM rise by 26% on rumors that well-known DeFi developer Andre Conje is returning to the team. Conje is a popular name in blockchain development circles and he was involved in notable projects like Yearn Finance, Cover, and Sushiswap. This seems like a flimsy reason to buy any coin, but Fantom is a solid project. With current prices below $0.35, FTM could be a steal when the bull market resumes.

The Big News

Bitcoin talk dominates the WEF

The World Economic Forum took place in Switzerland from Sunday to Thursday, and global thought leaders gathered to discuss the future of the international economy. Talk of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies took center stage, and now more than ever, people are starting to realize that crypto WILL become a mainstay in the global economy.  


The CEOs of Nasdaq and PayPal had some fairly positive things to say, while leaders from traditional banking organizations were harsh in their reviews. But as the popular saying goes, ‘there’s no such thing as bad press’. Five years ago, many of these people had no idea what BTC was, now they understand how it threatens their regime of control. A decade from now, they’ll have no choice but accept the reality of cryptocurrencies.  


The CEO of Circle (USDC), Jeremy Allaire, said during a panel, “We don’t think about cross-border emails. We don’t think about having a cross-border web browsing session, it’s absurd to think about that. And I believe we’re on the cusp of that with money.

How to Earn Free Crypto With Airdrops

It’s been a boring few weeks in the crypto space, and with trading volume trending so low, investors and newcomers have had little choice but to sit and wait. While you wait, you can take advantage of airdrops to win some free coins. If you don’t know how to do that, check out this Moon Birdie Academy lesson.   This week, Kava is giving out $200K to new users on the platform, and here’s what you need to do to qualify.

Top Stories

JPMorgan replaces real estate with crypto as preferred alternative asset

In a recent report, global investment bank JPMorgan says it is removing real estate as its preferred alternative asset and replacing it with cryptocurrencies.

The NFL is launching a play-to-earn game

The American National Football League (NFL) says it’s launching a P2E game. No details have been released, but you can join the waitlist here .

Terra is planning a ‘rebirth’ – with the support of exchanges

The Terra project is planning a relaunch, with the support of several of the leading exchanges. To start, an airdrop is being organized to compensate those affected by the crash.

Tether releases new stablecoin for Latin American markets

Tether is launching MXNT, a stablecoin pegged to Mexican Peso. Given its billion-dollar economy and proximity to the US, the country is primed to be the next big crypto hub. .

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